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About us

MyTerna portal is the only access channel for all counterparties that have at least a commercial relationship with Terna. It also makes available interactive services that allow you to interact directly with the organizational units of Terna, managers of the various types of relationships. To take advantage of the available services is necessary that those involved, legal or natural persons, they are recorded and credited to the portal. The user accesses MyTerna portal to do one or more of the following actions:

  • Request or manage a connection request to RTN.
  • Request, renew, modify, terminate a Contract Dispatching.
  • Proceed by signing up for Auction.
  • Check the status of a financial guarantee paid to Terna.
  • Enter in Gstat production and/or consumption data for statistical purposes.
  • Record data required for billing purposes.
  • Access to legacy systems integrated with the Portal.
  • Request EIC Code(Energy International Code).
Processes managed in the Portal

Master data Management: allows you to enter, edit, and view information directly related to the personal data of the companies and users who interact with Terna and manage any corporate events. The data reported in the Portal refer to:

  • Referents/Users Data
  • Address of Registered Office and/or the Administrative Office
  • Eventual Fiscal Representation in Italy for non-EU companies
  • PEC addresses and Codes Office for Companies that belong to the Public Administration

Contracts and Guarantees: allows you to enter into new contracts, change, renew or terminate existing ones, displaying the progress of the same. These actions are allowed for contracts Dispatching in input and withdrawal, Interruptible, Shipper, Interconnector, CCC, Convention for the transmission service (CTR), Convention for the aggregation service measures (MIS), Instant Load Reduction. For each type of contract is a detail of the main elements of the same. The user must login to:

  • Enter into a contract with Terna.
  • Manage in one point, all the exchange of documents and all expected contacts.
  • Integrated management of the guarantees provided for contracts dispatching, from the definition of the amounts to be guaranteed to ensure the validity of the conclusion of the contract, until the process of returning the Warranty.
  • Manage and track any changes in the operation of the contract.

Enrollment to the Insolvency: to participate in the auctions is necessary that the participants are enrolled in MyTerna portal and that the Super User, specified by the Company, authorizes time by time the "referents" for enabling the Portal on the management of all types of Auction.

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